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Special Exhibit: Reflections In Stone


                      Please click on the three larger photos to find paired poems.

Stepping Stones  by Cynthia M. Spencer (August 2015)   There is a law of unfolding which says we can go forward  only by going from where we are to the place where we’d like to be.   Life plays out this way .. no limitation meant.  We move forward  on stepping stones from taking the dare to experiencing the freedom  to jump to another level and  from that satisfaction to the awareness of another chance to become something more flexible, stronger, more invisible and suddenly the speed increases  and we are skimming across the river that seemed  back then  too wide to cross.  In reality there were hundreds of  stepping stones that beckoned us on to our gracious encounter  with life finally in full bloom  shared with the others  who came the Way one step at a time.
Stepping Stones
What Dreams Did We Leave by Cynthia M. Spencer
Morning Entrance by Cynthia M. Spencer
Morning Entrance
What Dreams

Quotes from John O”Donohue on Stone: 


“Stone is perfectly silent. The stillness and endurance of stone focuses in an intense way the unobtrusive eternity of the earth....stone stands as the tabernacle of memory....The presence of memoria in stone is mediated calls and engages those who take time and are sensitive in attention....stonescape is full of shapes and lines that would have enthralled a Miro or a Max Ernst. It nourishes the heart and opens foundations in the mind....wrapped in stillness, stone continues to tranfigure and praise the silence of time.” 


(from Four Elements: Reflections on Nature by John O’Donohue)

Cynthia M. Spencer
by Cynthia M. Spencer
Dancing Birth by Cynthia M. Spencer
by Cynthia M. Spencer
The Energy of Stone by Cynthia M. Spencer
by Cynthia M. Spencer
Intricately Woven by Cynthia M. Spencer
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