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“Emerson felt the presence of the Invisible peopling the lonely places with life, warmth and beauty, not a flight of fancy away from reality but rather the shadow of a rock in a weary place.”


This my inspiration for today's poem with yesterday’s photo!

The Morning Entrance

by Cynthia M. Spencer


I walk quickly early on a summer morning

feeling the fresh air

not yet burdened by the scorning Arizona sun


The path through the desert is visible but scant

like my path in life..only outlines.

My feet hit the sand and kick 

unwanted stones out of the way.

Sometimes the view is big 

and I am lost in it.


I come upon an outcropping of stones

sheltered by a large tree with long wispy arms

offering grace and beauty to the stone edifice.


I wait

the morning light on the stones reveals

an entrance to another world.


Fascinated, I stand very still and watch

while a small lizard makes its way 

past the large stone 

that stands as sentinel 

at the center of the entrance.


He turns, just for a second and 

looks at me. I swear I saw a smile

and a twinkle in his eyes.


Before I had a chance to blink

he was gone into the rocky fortress.


Now the sun’s heat beckons me back 

to my own cooler fortress.

I wonder where the lizard will go today

with his smile and where I will go with mine.

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